8 Beautiful Pop-up window designs to drive traffic to your website

September 20th, 2018 by

With all the new website privacy and cookie legislations that have been introduced in the last few years, pop-ups on website have become the norm rather than the exception, and in turn have become a tedious part of browsing the web… it’s normal to have to click ‘ok’ or ‘accept’ a few times before being able to see any actual website content. For this reason, pop-up window design has become ever more important.

If you’d like to capture your visitor’s attention and possibly their details for newsletter signup, a simple plain pop-up isn’t going to do the job. A stunning design is more or less a must, which is why I have been collecting some examples of good pop-up window designs over the last few months.

Here are some of the best ones I have come across – I feel they stand out for their use of bold colour, strong imagery, clean layout and a good, user friendly design – a far cry from the standard templated pop-ups of the many free pop-up plugins out there.

1.Southbank Centre London

A striking duo-tone colour scheme matched to the yellow of the staircase in the background image.

2. Joules Clothing

A lovely floral background adds interest to this clean pop-up window design

3. Netmums

This hugely popular website uses bright neon colours and a near scream to ask people to sign up to their daily email updates.

4. Freshome.com

Freshome is an architectural and design blog and they have used a simple image design for their newsletter sign-up form

5. Woolovers.com

This is my favourite. A lovely duo-tone colour scheme, nice use of illustration and a small incentive for newsletter sign up.

6. Secret Linen Store

Another simple but effective pop-up window design using a clean image and text layout.

7.Β visme.co

This is a website about visual communication and their striking, full page pop-up is a good indication they know what they are doing!

8. Piktochart

Piktochart is an online presentation creator. They have used a striking duo-tone pop-up window design for this newsletter pop-up

I hope that these 8 examples of pop-up window designs have helped inspire you to create more striking and user friendly pop-up windows for your website design project.